Have you noticed the weather and climate changing? Are you watching what the little critters, animals, plants, and trees are doing this time of year? What is the pattern of the sun these days with the sun setting earlier and rising later? How are you feeling emotionally within and as part of all this?

There is a core principle (Siddhanta) in Ayurveda that says “Lokah-Purusha-Saamya” which means “microcosm/macrocosm” and/or as within, so it is without. This direct relationship with nature and as part of nature. This is one of the profound gifts that Ayurveda offers us through its millennia of healthcare substantiated in scientific knowledge and consistent success.

As we make our way through the seasons, the full cycle of the year we can understand that as nature cycles itself through time and space, so do we. Where and who we were a year ago is slightly different than where and who we are today, regardless of pace. Change is the inevitable constant and truth. With Ayurveda in our lives as an integrated practice, we can notice cause and effect (Kaarya Kaayna Bhaava” between our relationship to nature and relationship to what we put into your bodies, senses, and surroundings.

To live with better health means to be more aligned with nature. What that means is that when we remember that we are part of and experience the climate changing, the months changing, the patterns of the sun and moon relationships such as sunrise and setting, moon-rising and setting, we will have an improved connection with our health regardless of what our state of health is. It is known in Ayurveda that even with pre-existing conditions that simply observing in the cycles of the day and honoring of the circadian rhythm that symptoms tend to lessen. When we eat meals at appropriate times with the appropriate volume for our personal body-types, then we increase the possibility of wellness. When we sleep at the right times and get the most out of our sleep then we can feel the benefits upon our health. What’s also important to know here is that our daily lives depend a lot on our night lives. What we do during the day will affect how we process the information at night and what we do during our night time will affect how our next day will be. It’s all connected. We are all connected and as a "we” we are connected as part of this global, celestial, and universal grid. The opposite is also true, where to some degree when we feel disconnected from ourselves, we tend to feel disconnected from others, and then we are somehow in a place where we tend to feel disconnected from life itself. This is what increases the chance of illness, especially when we turn against ourselves and create disharmony with others in the world. Autoimmune conditions imply that the body is attacking itself, sometimes we know why and other times we don’t. This is where part of the work is for us. This is why Ayurveda incorporates such profound teachings that remind us to come back to the simplicity which is nature. It is as subtle and graceful as it can be ferocious and violent. Both can and do occur simultaneously as part of life.

For now, for this month, here are some suggestions to incorporate to help transition through the season with least disturbance and minimal chance of illness.

  1. Stay properly hydrated. HYDRATION

  2. Stay properly oiled. NASYA, IMMUNITY

  3. Avoid cold foods and beverages. COLD STUFF

  4. Find time for stillness and resetting. RESET STILLNESS

  5. Get adequate rest. SLEEP

  6. Eating seasonally.


  8. Seasonal transitory practices help bring order. RITUCHARYA

  9. Daily practices help bring order. DINACHARYA

  10. Catch the dryness before it catches you.

  11. Exercise and physical activities. TRI-POD

  12. Massage regularly.

DISCLAIMER: This information is meant for educational purposes only. Any changes in lifestyle should be reviewed with a qualified practitioner and primary care physician if you are currently under their care for specific conditions.