2019 Health Journey

Topic: One hour talk on “Grandmother Medicine. An Introduction to Ayurveda” through Gentle Health Journey and Maya Carl

2017                    CureJoy        

Topic: One hour talk on “Health As Medicine According to Ayurveda”

2017                    Wanderlust

Topic: One hour talk on “General Introduction to Ayurveda”

2014                      Saint Michaels University (Vermont)

Class lecture (via Skype) on ‘Ayurveda and Sustainable Livelihood’ with Dr. Anjanette Decarlo

2014                      University of Penn (UPENN)

‘Ayurveda: A Holistic Approach to Healing’  paper written by a senior undergraduate student of neuroscience

Interview around Ayurveda Healthcare

2014                      Radio Talk Show

One hour talk on ‘Ayurveda as Healthcare’ through WURD 900AM Radio

2014                    Chestnut Hill Colege

Interview: "Community Resource Evaluation" for class paper.

2014                    Documentary for Jonathan Burgess

                               The Power of Love and Health

2014                      “Into the Warrior” Project

Yoga project/photo shoot with Amy Goalen.

2014                       Department of Health                                                                Philadelphia, PA

                                 Americorps/National Health Corps.

Certificate of acknowledgment as a panelist discussion representing Ayurveda and Yoga.

2012                      Lower Merion High School

“What are the Neurological or Physical effects of stress, and best forms of stress relief?”

Interviewer met with practitioner to discuss Ayurveda’s perspective on stress.

2012                      CAM Program through Chestnut Hill University

Interview inquired about alternative medicine, Ayurveda practice and predominance of client        population and relative health conditions addressed.

2012                      West Chester University Department of Anthropology

“Ayurvedic Medicine”

Interviewer met with several Ayurvedic Practitioners around Pennsylvania and inquired about

practicing Ayurveda in Pennsylvania.

2012                      Temple University Student                                        

“Continuous Usage of Tobacco and its Long term Implications on Taste Receptors”.

Interviewer inquired about Ayurveda and its ability to support taste receptors.

2012                       Temple University                                                                     Philadelphia, PA

Osher Lifelong Learning Program: Certificate of acknowledgment as a panelist representing Ayurvedic Medicine.