I was recently inspired by a couple of my patients to write more about massage, it's importance and my personal relationship with it.

You see, within the past couple weeks, one of my patients who was in his mid 80's started to come and see me a year ago.  He would thoroughly enjoy his sessions and felt great benefits on many levels.  I admired this patient because he was a very gentle soul, with a kind heart, a brilliant smile, and loving touch when he would shake my hand hello and goodbye. It was truly an honor to work with him. Unfortunately, he suddenly died, unexpectedly. This brought me great sadness for many reasons. Upon meeting his family at the funeral proceedings a couple of his children (one being a current patient of mine, and dear friend) came to me and said "he really loved coming to see me. He looked forward to his sessions."  This touched me deeply to know that seeing this amazing man every couple of weeks for a year would have such lovely things to share around it with his family. I was humbled by this.

A week after his funeral, his daughter-in-law spoke of my giving him massages and how happy he felt from receiving them. She then stated how important it is to get a massage and how so many people go without that contact, that connection, that full-body loving touch. I agreed. I relate as my body is designed in a way that contact is extra important for me and my nervous system but not just any contact, loving contact. Full attention. Few and far between are these experiences. I offer this through all the hands-on sessions I conduct daily. It's an asset I bring to my practice.

For me, massage has been a part of my life for a very long time. How long? Honestly, this is the truth. I have been massaging since I was 5 years old. How so? My stepfather introduced me to massage and would have me practice on him as he would work on me. This continued into my teens and I was massaging my mom's and brother's friends regularly. Then, I was in undergrad and as part of exchanges for rides and dinners, I would massage my friends. One of my dearest and closest friends encouraged me after completing my bachelors to get a quick certificate somewhere so that I can legitimately do the massages. So that's what I did. I started a shiatsu school and continued to build on that for many years to come.  Read more about me through my bio HERE. 

In all my years of doing massage, it has and continues to bring me great pleasure. It is another way for me to connect with individuals. My hands love the feeling of the oils meeting the body and exploring the terrane of a being who is open to receiving. There are so many benefits to touch and it surprises me when I still hear of an individual who has never had a massage.  The kings and queens of old times (and probably still until this day) recognized the benefits of regular massage.  

Massage is more than just about luxury. Is really taking care of yourself considered a luxury or is it a necessity (that brings great pleasure and benefits)?When individuals tell me that they can't afford it I ask them "is there really a price too good health?"  From my experience, massaging regularly (self-massage and receiving sessions) can increase health and longevity. The aging process slows down since oils are therapeutic, especially when designed for the individuals' constitution and warmed up, and the manipulation of the body's tissues supports digestion and lymphatic health. Not to mention the benefits on the nervous system by encouraging the body to relax.  Getting a massage helps to ground us in our bodies. It helps to connect the body and mind, and by relaxing, we get into the heart of the matter by coming into ourselves more fully. Massage is a profound practice!

I highly recommend that everyone gets at least 1-2 massages a month, if not weekly.  I have touched hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bodies. It brings me great pleasure to do so and to hold a presence for anything to unfold as you are supported with loving care, and non-judgment.  It isn't uncommon to have deep releases such as tears, fear, and laughter as part of the session as this is the body releasing whatever exists in the tissues and nervous system, causing you to feel lighter and more balanced, more connected, and more at home within your own body. Why not? This is your home, your temple, untill the last breath. Why not enjoy what's in it? Your body will thank you!

Taken from a recent article I wrote HERE (called Optimizing Health Through a Tripod of Health Support: Yoga, Personal Training, and Massage)


Massage is an interesting and important asset to the practices of yoga and personal training. Yoga and personal training sessions involve a certain level of proactive engagement for the most part. In that, when moving through the exercises of yoga (except for moments of savasana, the relaxation pose) and when engaging in workout techniques there is an actual involvement.  Massage, on the other hand, you're simply laying on a table, breathing, and focusing on letting go and surrendering while someone is working with the body. This in and of itself is an important act because it encourages a level of relaxation and integration that is provided by another individual, as well as a different type of molding to the body. While on a massage table, the lymphatic system can be encouraged in a different way. The muscles after firing can come into a calm and quieter state. The parasympathetic system is strongly supported when an individual can surrender and let go.  "Working out the kinks" is usually easier when on a massage due to a hands-on approach. This increases overall functionality and efficiency of the body. 

There are many types of massages ranging from subtle to deep techniques; such as Swedish, intuitive, shiatsu, Thai, rolfing, and deep tissue.  Finding a massage therapist that you can connect with and that has a holistic approach and/or works well with holistic approaches can best meet you and support the desired outcomes. 

Lastly, If you are reading this article and are one of those people who has never had a massage, please contact me for an appointment and mention that you haven't. I'll discount your first session to the same special for the Birthday Rate.  See HERE.  Once you get started you'll wonder how you hadn't done this before and how you can continue to do so. This is why I'm happy and grateful to be here now, and many years to come!


DISCLAIMER: This information is meant for educational purposes only and not considered medical advice. Any changes in lifestyle should be reviewed by a qualified practitioner and/or primary care physician if you are currently under their care for specific conditions.