Nasya therapy  is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, considered more powerful than the Neti, that strengthens immunity by lubricating the lining of the nasal passages. As we transition from summer to fall this is the time of year where dryness starts to increase. Ayurveda strongly encourages that we apply oil to the number one first defense of the body which is the skin. Sinus lining is skin and the sinus cavities begin to take on the bulk of stress when the seasons change and it is important to keep them properly lubricated. When dryness in the sinus' occurs we are susceptible to colds and other respiratory infections.


By applying 3-5 drops of an oil with a dropper and the head tilted backwards, daily per nostril, we can ensure that the health of the body can be maintained. We can start the morning with the drops and if need be we can end the day with a 1-2 before bed. Sometimes, depending on geographic location and what the climate is doing we may administer another dosage.


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