October is when we notice a consistency with cold entering into the atmosphere on the East Coast and nature is inviting us back indoors. By following some simple recommendations we can increase immunity and support our health.

1. Wearing shorts and long sleeves is contraindicated. Though, some Pitta types can get away with it a little longer. What is important to understand here is that the cold breeze enters the body from several points in the extremities and especially at the base of the skull. Therefore, it's important to keep these areas covered. Chinese calls this "Wind in the system." Ayurveda calls this Vata entering the nervous system which can wreak havoc.

2. Avoiding cold liquids and especially ice. (Not that ice is good for us any time of year.) Cold causes dryness of the throat and increases the chance of sickness by it decreasing natural mucus in the throat.

3. Avoiding cold foods. Same as above but more importantly because it takes warm food to stabilize and strengthen the digestive fire. Cold food would only put out the fire and increase toxins which therefore increases the chance of illness.

4. Eating soups, stews and enjoying teas helps to keep the body warm, nourished and lubricated from the inside out. 

5. Keeping the sinus passages lubricated (see last months post on Nasya Therapy), as well as the rest of the body is another key to maintaining vitality.