1 ½ tsp. of cinnamon or 1 cinnamon  stick

                      5-6 cloves

                      Approx. 2 inches of ginger sliced

                     1/2 - 1 tsp. of Turmeric powder

                     ½ - 1tsp. of cardamom or 1 tsp. of pods crushed

                    1 tsp. Brown rice syrup or honey

Preparation:  bring all spices to a boil in a medium sauce pan for approximately 10-15minutes. Note that the longer you boil the spices the stronger the tea gets but don’t over boil because you can break down the medicinal qualities of the herbs/spices.  Turn the flame off and sweeten with the brown rice syrup or if you choose to use honey be sure to add the honey to your cup, after a minute or two from boiling point, and not added to the pot. (Honey should NOT be added to a pot of boiling water or cooked, according to Ayurveda.) 


Turmeric is great and detox the liver and stimulate lymphatic tissue.

Cinnamon supports the digestive fire, balances sugar/insulin and metabolism.

Cloves balance the digestive fire and balance absorption and assimilation of the colon.

Cardamom is balancing overall for the digestive and lymphatic system.

Ginger helps to digest toxins by stimulating the secretion of enzymatic activity.

Brown rice syrup is slightly sweet but more heating and supports kapha.

Honey acts sweet but it is heating and scraping to toxins; delivering the medicine of the herbs deeper into the tissues. 

Note: For Pitta types, this can be a heating tea. It can be cooled down with cow's milk (organic), rice or almond milk. Vata can follow this as well but will enjoy the warming qualities of this tea for digestion.


This information is strictly for educational purpose only and not considered medical advice. Always first discuss with your primary care physician before considering any new health regimen.