1  cup of milk (option of raw whole, almond, rice or coconut milk)

1/2- 1 cup of water (If you use regular milk)

3 dates

10 raw almonds

Pinch of cardamom, nutmeg, saffron (optional)

1 tbs. of raisins (optional)

Slice or two of ginger or 1/8tsp. of ginger powder (vata/kapha only)

1 tsp. of ghee or coconut oil (optional but not necessary)

1 tsp. of raw honey



You can add raisins but note that the sweetness will increase.

You can add 1 tsp. of chyawanprash

You can add 1 tsp. of Ashwagandha powder and 1 tsp. of Shatavari powder

You can add 1 tsp. of Turmeric powder

Note- that you wouldn’t really add all these herbs together but you can alternate the recipe by using one herb at a time, except with the ashwagandha and shatavari where they can be used together. You don’t want to overwhelm digestion by bombarding the milk decoction. 



Bring all ingredients to a simmer for 10-15mins. Then, add to blender and puree.  Finally, add honey. Stir and drink. Enjoy!