Here's a recipe from a cooking class I taught a few years ago but with some variation, learning it in India. It's a delicious recipe any time of year but particularly this time of year as we transition into the Fall months. The qualities in the atmosphere have been changing where we have some summer days and then on other days there's a cool dry air. This is the beginning of when Fall starts to sneak in. These qualities can wreak havoc on our health if we don't attend to keeping balanced. 

This recipe is tonifying and nutritive. Check it out. It makes a great breakfast or light filling dinner.


2-3 shredded carrots

1/4 cup of raisins

1 tbs. of ghee (or coconut oil)

1 tsp. of cardamom powder

1/2 tsp. of Fennel Seeds

1/2 tsp. of Turmeric

1 tsp. of cinnamon

1/4 cup of crushed up pecans or almonds

2-3 cups of milk (raw, whole preferably) Note: option is almond milk

Additionally, for more Kapha predominant conditions you can add a pinch of ginger powder.


Take a medium saucepan and add the ghee and spices. Saute the spices briefly and then add the nuts. Next add carrots. Stir this until the carrots are covered in ghee. Add the raisins and then milk. Stir for a minute or two and then simmer on a low flame and cover for 15-20 minutes. Turn the flame off and let it sit. If you'd like it to be more like a looser porridge you can add more milk. No sweetener needed.