Dr. Antonio Aragona AD is always open to new clients.  It all starts here and with you taking the first step by saying "yes" to your health. Vishnu works with clients on a long-term basis, that are serious about this process and who are willing to AT LEAST make A THREE MONTH commitment that is necessary to start witnessing some of benefits that this beautiful and deep experience can show you; a journey that brings you closer to the level of health and balance that you desire.  

Dr. Aragona understands that the investment is more than just time and money but essentially in the highest version of  your optimal health and he feels that you are worth it. By giving to yourself, you not only are addressing what is coming up for you now but are influencing the welfare of your future as you strive to live a life full of health and happiness.

Take the first step and schedule an initial consult which sets you up for your individualized healthcare plan and protocol.