4 Health Tid Bits for January

4 Health Tid Bits to Balance January

1. Stimulate the Heart- Raise the heart rate by including a 20 minute brisk walk daily. Don't let the cold weather keep you in, it will compromise you if you do. This will help prevent lymphatic congestion. You can do this especially after meals to reduce the lethargic feeling that tends to follow digestion. 

2. Sipping Hot Water- Make sure you SIP hot water with meals. End the last bite with the last drop and don't ingest anything for at least an hour after meals. 

3. Vitamin D- Is called the "Sunshine Vitamin" and it helps with mood, immunity and overall well being. Usually when we hit mid-winter we all yearn for the sun. Taking 5,000IU daily from a reputable source is highly recommended. Blood levels must be above 50 to be considered a hormone.

4. Sleeping In- Don't! Awaken by 6/7 the latest and resist the urge to stay in bed late because this will affect your biological clock, digestion and mental well-being. Staying in bed late in the morning will slow metabolism and negatively affect health.