During this time of year we are retreating from winter and transitioning into the Spring months ahead. Cold qualities in the air can cause dry sinus', along with the beginning of when pollen starts to fill into the air. This can cause an increase in upper respiratory issues. 

The Neti pot is an ancient yogic technique designed to irrigate the the nasal passages and removes unnecessary airborne debris and pathological influences such as environmental pollutants, bacteria and virus'.

Daily, or at least a few times a week, usage of the neti pot can cleanse the sinus passages, increasing oxygenation to the brain and cells of the body and strengthen immunity.

Neti pot instructions are usually provided with the pot itself.

A ceramic pot is mainly suggested and preferred over plastic versions and syringes. 1/8 tsp. of non-iodized sea salt and filtered, warm/tepid water is required for a successful outcome. 

An added note:

It is important to consider constitution as well as climate/environmental influences (such as how polluted is the air in your area) that may encourage dryness. Using the neti pot on a daily basis and for a prolonged period of time can be shown to promote more dryness and therefore negatively affect the sinus'.  To safeguard this, we can either reduce the frequency in which we use neti and/or use a nasya oil. Nasya Oil is an herbalized oil that supports the sinus' more deeply and can be used daily with minimally related and potential issues, such as excess oil accumulating in the back of the throat.  Nasya oil accompanied with the neti become a very powerful tool to improving health. You can check out my Herbs & Supplies tab for options on where to purchase. For instance, Banyan Botanicals, Life Spa, Ayurvedic Institute and Sinus Support. Also, consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for specifics as per constitutional needs.