As summer comes to a close, we usually feel that the ending of summer break is after Labor Day when people return from the beach and children and adults return to school officially. Yet according to Ayurveda we can notice a change occurring within the season where we have some hot days and have some days that are getting dry and cool. The sun has begun to set earlier and earlier and we are entering into the phase of the year where cold and dry increases, along with a decrease of sunlight causing us to enter into nighttime earlier.

During this beginning phase as we transition, September is a sort of "window" where summer qualities decrease and fall qualities increase. Dryness is key to address because both cold and heat can impose dryness and in doing so our health is affected. Sinus' and other orifices such as the eyes, mouth, ears and even rectal area/vaginal area may begin to feel a sense of dryness. This is the first place where our immune system can become compromised because all our orifices naturally have a protective mucous lining. It is important for us to protect this lining in order to maintain health throughout not only the season but year round. 

Here are some simple suggestions to help at this point.

1) Apply regularly a nasal oil to keep the sinus cavities lubricated. (you can check out Life Spa or Banyan Botanicals or a practitioner to make up your own special bottle)  This is called Nasya.

2) Regularly apply a light coat of warm oil to the skin before showering and gently rinse off with a little soap, leaving a light coat on. This is called self-abhyanga.

3) You can add a drop or two of warm almond oil to each ear before bed.

4) You can do oil pulling with 2tbs. of Almond or Coconut or even sesame oil. This is called Gandusha.

5) Increase hydration, with room temperature water and as the weather increases in coolness you increase the temperature of the water to more hot.

6) Begin to transition with the season by watching what fruits and vegetables are locally available. The microbiome of your intestinal lining depends on following the seasonal changes. When we don't, we increase the chances of imbalances developing in the body.

7) Start to add in more warm foods as the weather cools down. Reducing raw greens and begin to increase cooking them, especially at night.

8) As the light decreases and night increases, notice the body getting tired a little earlier. Follow this as the body's wisdom knows best. It's normal for us to slowly prepare for winter hibernation. Though, some constitutional considerations are important to address. 

9) Continue to enjoy the weather and being outdoors but mentally prepare the body to start slowing down. Otherwise, we are all apt to increasing Vata (elevated air qualities in our nervous system) that will not only affect digestion but our immunity and our nervous system.

10) Increase Vitamin C. Maintain Vitamin D and add Vitamin B-Complex to a daily regimen.

11) Fish oils to the diet are good. Average is 800-1500 IU daily, depending on age.

These are some of the little things to consider that will prepare us all for transition and help keep our health high. For a more specified protocol to support your health, please see a qualified practitioner or contact me for an appointment. 

DISCLAIMER: This information is meant for educational purposes only and not considered medical advice. Any changes in lifestyle should be reviewed with a qualified practitioner and/or primary care physician if you are currently under their care for specific conditions.