This pose helps to reduce excess heat in the body as it works on the liver and abdominal cavity where digestion is key to our health and vitality.


1. Position yourself completely in a prone position (on your stomach completely flat).

2. As you exhale bend your knees towards the direction of your buttocks.

3. Reach around with both your hands to grasp your ankles (if possible).

4. Inhale and slowly lift the legs with the hands connected.

Hold this pose for 5-11 breaths or a minute if possible.

Your chin and neck should be in a neutral plane central to the shoulders and not over extending or lifting upward.

Note: if you're unable to perform this pose a simpler version would be to keep the legs down, positioning your palms beneath your shoulders with your elbows bent and with you slowly lifting up to where the majority of pressure is on the abdominal cavity. Make sure that you inhale when you lift up and exhale as you release down. Repeat this a few times and then hold for 30 - 60 seconds. This pose is called Cobra (Bhujangasana).