How to?

Step 1: Disconnect from technology for a little while. (I know this may be difficult for some but it's worth the investment, I promise.)

Step 2: Sit either in a comfortable crossed leg position. If this isn't for you, then sit on a chair or rest on a couch/bed.

Step 3: Place your right palm on your belly button and your left palm on your chest.

Step 4: Close your eyes.

Step 5: Just start breathing in and out of your nostrils. Notice the cooling sensation on the inhale and the warming sensation on the exhale. Do this for a minute or two. (Longer if you'd like, before continuing.)

Step 6: Draw your awareness to the belly, notice that if you are inhaling whether the belly is lifting first or the chest. If the belly is lifting first, then great. If it is not, then no worries. The ideal goal, (based on my learning) is to breathe from the belly first so if this doesn't seem to be happening for you, with time, patience and practice, it will. That being said, shift your awareness to the belly and set the intention to lift the right hand with the inhale first, and then the left-hand second. This is all the inhale. This is where it gets trickier, but not impossible. The exhale begins with the right hand, then the left. The action of the breath becomes like a wave slowly rising on the beach (inhale) and then the wave retreating (exhale.)

Step 7: Whether you have masters step 6 or not, yet, keep the practice moving. Take about 5 minutes, maybe even 10 to do this.

Step 8: After doing this practice, you can relax from the technique and return to simply observing the breath. Notice any changes?

It is important to note that this breathing practice/technique is the first step and fundamental practice that most of the other breathing techniques depend on for their effectiveness and success. This technique is like baby steps or like tricycle wheels that are required before taking off on the advanced steps. 

NOTE: Do not strain the breath. Do not force the breath. Step 6 is setting the mind's intention with a subtle inclination of guidance/encouragement. To do otherwise could cause more harm than benefit. Just know it may take some time but it will shift. The breath should never be strained. 

DISCLAIMER: Check with your primary healthcare provider first if you suffer from any cardiovascular/respiratory/chronic conditions. Check with your primary healthcare provider if you plan on making any changes to your health and wellness routine.