Welcome to Still Point Ayurveda! 

Still Point Ayurveda is the first and leading Ayurveda holistic healthcare center in Philadelphia. UNIQUE, is this mini-Ayurvedic retreat center that is home to Ayurvedic practices and many of its therapies, and the first and only center in Philadelphia to offer the powerful and profound detoxification protocol called "Panchakarma." Still Point Ayurveda is a small private practice primarily located in W. Mt. Airy, Philadelphia Pa., with the intention of it being a simple comfortable traditional/non-traditional environment to practice this system of holistic healthcare. View 'Contacts' page for all locations.

Antonio (Vishnu) Aragona AD, AYT, LMT is also Philadelphia's first recognized Doctor of Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, according to NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association) standards. Antonio is a holistic healthcare educator/consultant and provider, practicing since 2003 and established Still Point Ayurveda in 2009, in Philadelphia, PA. He has an East meets West philosophy and provides a natural and holistic approach based on the world's oldest continually practiced system of healthcare called Ayurveda, and sister science, Yoga.

It is mandatory that you review the DISCLAIMER for more details around being a recognized Doctor of Ayurveda, per NAMA, in the USA, and important information around the sort of center that Still Point Ayurveda is.


"Everything is determined by an unknown force beyond our control. It is determined for the insect as well as the star.  Human beings, vegetables and cosmic dust - We all dance to a mysterious tune intoned the distance by an invisible piper."- Albert Einstein

At Still Point Ayurveda, it is understood that health is an outward expression of an inner experience; and everyone's inner experience is different. With healthful living becoming a trend, it is hard to know which direction is right for you. There are options for diet, exercise, meditation, even the best water to drink. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when what worked for your friend or family member is not working out the same way for you, and no one can tell you why. Antonio understands because we know that you are unique. At Still Point Ayurveda, the intention is to help you align with your right to live life fully, healthfully, and completely doing what is best for your individual needs. Still Point Ayurveda can support you through its many services ranging from Ayurvedic medicine and various bodywork/energy techniques to yoga classes and cooking workshops. What serves you best is what we are here to provide. Know that you are supported through the changes YOU are ready to make in your life!

Dr. Aragona's patient care focuses on chronic illness and individuals who have undergone various types of abuse, and trauma such as physical/mental and sexual abuse. He helps by providing a foundation for self-care that is encouraging of a grass roots approach around diet, herbs and healing hands through massage, while holding a safe place filled with attentive care. He sees all ages and all people, offers lectures and workshops on Ayurveda and yoga philosophy for various yoga centers throughout Northeast. His life is and has been dedicated to serving others by helping their growth and transformation, supported by the power of nurturing touch. Life is a gift and the body is a temple that should be honored as such.  It is our right to live life as fully and completely as we deserve.  May we all find the peace that we deserve. Om Shanti!

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"Stillness has the power to heal the body and to awaken a higher energy and awareness in the mind. Such yogic stillness, however, is not an enforced stillness born of personal effort but a natural stillness born of deep relaxation."- Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley)