This is a great time of year to offer this workshop, being that it is when Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Just remember that every day, or almost every day, can be Valentine’s Day with the one you love. This is one way of remembering how we can be inspired by romance. Romance is passion in a poetic form. This romance is another way of experiencing life tantrically and when we connect with this grace there is something tangibly alive that we have access too.

From recent discussions, I was inspired to offer this sort of new workshop since it seems like some people can use some support in being re-inspired by the romantic path. Being a die hard hopeful (not hopeless) romantic, here is a class to experience this, what seems to be, a dying art, science, and practice. Come get that spark rekindled. It’s like coming back to life!

This workshop is organized as a 2 part series. it is preferred that you attend both sessions but it is not mandated, being that there will be some overlap as well as individualized attention within the content.

Part 1:

  • In this class we will discuss the definition of romance

  • We will discuss the various spectrum of romance, from simple to elaborate

  • We will discuss the 5 senses and their involvement with romance

  • We will go further into learning, relearning about romance including examples and practices

  • We will understand how romance is not just about couples involved but also the primary relationship with the Self/self.

Part 2:

  • We will connect romance to the practices of yoga known as Tantra, and learn about the general two major aspects of Tantra (the right-handed path and left-handed path). Check out this link on the tradition of Tantra and the ancient Vedic wisdom. Click HERE.

  • We will further experience the exploration of the 5 Senses

  • We will have some hands-on exposure to basic oil massage practices.

Please note that you can either come as a couple (with a significant other) or yourself (which is a relationship in and of itself just the same.)


For both sessions =$60.00

For one session= $30.00

Register by February 8 and receive $10.00 off the two sessions, or $5.00 off the single session.


Monday February 18

Monday February 25


6:30 - 8:00/8:30 (if needed)


Please contact Dr. Antonio to register

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