An authentic localized traditional treatment for relieving stress, inflammation, pain, and stiffness in your joints or back or even just for the head.

Cotton and linen pads ‘Pichu’, soaked in hot medicated oils are gently placed on sore joints or back to offer immediate relief from pain and discomfort. The warmth of the soaked pads seeps into the body and induces a deep sense of relief.

Short, gentle and rhythmic massage strokes followed by a medicated herbal pack further alleviate stress and enhance the healing process. Emerge from this treatment with renewed agility and comfort.

At least three treatments of Pichu are recommended for maximum benefit.

Treatments are approximately 1 hour which also includes massage of extremities and head.

Cost: $85.00 (normally $110.00) for one

Package of three for $240.00 (normally $330.00)

Note: This does not apply to pre-existing plans.

Expires: October 31, 2015