This time of year causes the sinus passages to get dry which makes it easier for illness to make its way into the body.

Nasya Karma or nasal therapy is a potent method to purify and nurture the mind and senses. Nasya is also used to nurture - herbal oils applied to the nasal passages heighten the sense of smell, promote complexion, improve memory and enhance creativity.

This session involves the usage of fomentation (localized medicated steam known as Svedha in Ayurveda), warm oil, and marma points in order to support sinus related issues.

Session Time = Approximately 1 hour

Cost: $85.00 (normally $110.00)

Package of 3 at $240.00 (Normally $330.00)

Expires: October 31, 2019

Note: this session or package does not apply to pre-existing plans.