Similar to acupuncture, Marma therapy is a more precise system of working with the channels (lymph, blood, cellular intelligence) and overall physiology through special treatment of specific points. Marmas are known to be points regulate the flow of information, nutrients, and toxins throughout the human body. According to Dr. Lad, "A marma is a vital energy point accessed on the skin's surface, serving as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit. When you touch a marma point, you can change your body's biochemistry and unfold radical, alchemical changes in your psycho-biological makeup".

Approximately 1 hour

Single session $95.00 (normally $110.00)

Package of 3 for $270.00 (normally $330.00)

Note: this special applies mainly to individuals who have not seen me for some time and does not apply to pre-existing plans or arrangements

Expires July 31, 2019