Feeling heavy? Lethargic? Depressed?

This Ayurvedic therapy will help to get things moving and to shed the weight (provided that diet is supportive). A specific glove either raw wool (for Kapha’s) or raw silk (for Vata’s and Pitta’s), or powder (Udvartana) (for Kapha’s) is used and it involves a stimulating hands-on sequence of massage that is designed to encourage drainage, increase blood flow to the body and support by a light layer or oil; followed by sweating as you enter into a steam sauna.

Cost: $85.00 (Normally $110.00) for single session

Package of 3 for $240.00 (normally $330.00) Packages are available especially for those requiring more than one due to a chronic state of imbalance.

Time: 1 hour

Expiration: February 28, 2019

Note: this does not apply to pre-existing plans