"HEALTH IS WEALTH"....Without health, we don't have wealth. I know we are all doing our best in this moment. It is important for us to prioritize our health over what's happening in life because if we allow ourselves to get caught up by life situations, we compromise our health and then we feel worse.

Knowing this, and having a deep desire to help you all in creating a regular pattern that allows space for yourself to be cared for and nurtured, I would like to suggest the following.

I know that many of you are financially struggling this time of year, and haven't been able to return. Because of this, I would love to continue to support you in your healthcare and provide a consistent service to you for the next month by offering a discount on your sessions.

This includes a brief consultation to assess where you are and then a treatment, typically Marma Therapy or Pichu or Massage.

$30.00 off (Normally sessions are $110.00) Making it $80.00

If you are interested in receiving other treatments such as Abhyanga or Shirodhara, $35.00 off as well. (normally sessions are $150.00 for Abhyanga and $145.00 for Shirodhara)

NOTE: This offer expires December 31, 2018 and only applies to those individuals who have financial difficulties and/or haven't seen me in a 4-6 months.