It has become clear to me that some individuals are financially struggling more this time of year than in the past and have reduced their time here with Ayurveda due to this.

It is my pleasure and job to offer Ayurveda and allow it to be available to all of you. We can make it work!

Let's come up with a plan that supports your journey in keeping your health on the up and up. Give yourself the gift of health and stress reduction by coming in for either or a combination of the following:

A consultation (Discounted at 15%) Cost is $130.00 (Normally $155.00) for approximately 2 hours

A treatment (Discounted at 15%) Cost is $90.00 (Normally 110) for approximately 1 hour

An Ayurveda Package (B) (Discounted at 10%) Cost is $540.00 (Normally $600.00 including initial consult, and $570.00 without basic consult)

Note: Please be sure to mention this ad to claim the discount.

OFFER EXPIRES : Now until June 30, 2019

NOTE: This offer expires July 31, 2019 and only applies to those individuals who are currently having financial difficulties and/or haven't seen me in 6 months. This does not apply to pre-existing plans or clients. Additionally, proof may be required in order to be eligible for this discount.