This combination an amazing way to treat yourself for the holiday's and it consists of Abhyanga (full body oil Ayurvedic Massage) and Shirodhara (stream of warm oil over the forehead.)

The full massage involves oils designed and warmed per your constitution, followed by a steam sauna treatment. Lastly, the shirodhara will take it all to the next level as you enter what I call "instant meditation." This combination is a powerful treatment meant to detox and rejuvenate. You'll feel deeply relaxed!

What better way to treat yourself for the holiday's and/or recover from them.

Time: approximately 2.5 hours

Cost: $270.00 for single session (Though, after this session you'll be left wanting more!) (normally $290.00)

Package of 3: Cost is $780.00 (at $260.00 per session)

For more details, inquire through Vishnu or view HERE (scroll down for details.)

Note: This offer DOES NOT apply to pre-existing packages or arrangements.

Offer Expires: December 31, 2018