Athreya, located in California, is a company offering Ayurvedic products that are high quality. Athreya

HerbsForever, located in Los Angeles, CA, this company has high standards for their products and maintains much of its connection to the roots and quality of Ayurvedic formulas. HerbsForever

Kottakkal, located in New Paltz, NY, this great company is offering lots of Ayurvedic treasures from tradition. Kottakal

Banyan Botanicals, a Santa Fe based Ayurveda organization that provides a very high level of attention and care to their herbs and formulas under the strictest of Ayurvedic guidelines. Banyan Botanicals

Dr. John Douillard is an internationally known and highly recognized Ayurvedic Practitioner who is the founder and director of the Life Spa. He offers much goodness and richness with regard to Yoga and Ayurveda.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a company located in Oregon and provides high quality herbs and other products. Their reputation speaks for itself and the company has a great deal to offer at a cost effective and amazingly fair rate.

Oregon's Wild Harvest is a company dedicated to supporting amazing quality herbs.

Floracopia is an essential oil company offering high grade oils.

Cardamom and Curry is a company that offers high quality gourmet teas/chai’s. They are a very community supportive and humble practice. Their chai’s are amazing!

Auracacia is an essential oil company offering high quality oils and other products.

California College of Ayurveda is an institution dedicated to the teachings of Ayurveda.

Ajara Ayurveda is Ayurveda company created by Nicole that emphasizes simplicity and great quality with their products.

Vadik Herbs is an Ayurvedic herb and supplement company offering fine products with the utmost quality.  Vadik Herbs

The Ayurvedic Institute, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was one of the first schools in America dedicated to bringing the Ayurvedic tradition to the West. Dr. Vasant Lad is the founder of this remarkable system.

Vasanti Health is a Philadelphia based company promoting ancient ayurvedic practices such as the Ayurvedic Tamba (Copper) Cup. As a social enterprise, they invest a portion of every sale towards promoting water sanitation initiatives in India.

Sinus Support has collaborated with top essential oil and wellness experts to develop a sinus decongestant, two different salt rinses, a nasal moisturizer and a sinus care kit. Their products offer natural and highly effective solutions to people who suffer from acute, chronic and seasonal sinus conditions.

MahaRishi Ayurveda is a prominently established and highly revered line of Vedic teachings and Ayurveda Products, having authenticated and amazingly formulated herbal compounds.  Please view this link if you're interested in more information and to place an order.   http:/mapi