Feeling anxious? Difficulty with falling asleep? Dry skin? Dry stools?

These are all qualities associated with Vata Dosha vitiation. You can make this beverage at night before bed and/or as needed during the day to cut the edge of stress in the nervous system. 


1 cup of milk (cow's or almond or coconut)

1/2 - 1 tsp. of ghee

1/4  tsp. of nutmeg

1 tsp . of raw sugar (honey for Kapha)

1 cinnamon stick


Except for the cinnamon stick, add all ingredients into a small saucepan. 

Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

Let sit for a couple minutes after turning off the heat.

Pour the milk decoction into a mug. Add the cinnamon stick. Serve!


Kapha predominant types can add a pinch of ginger powder. Piita can add cardamom.

It is ideal for the recipe to consist of primarily cow's milk but this isn't the ideal for some individuals and the above recipe option serves the purpose of making everyone happy on some level. 

The combination of the almond milk and ghee create a consistency and quality similar to cow's milk with the combination of healthy fat and protein. This goes for coconut milk too. 

Nutmeg in high doses (which is usually more than a half of a teaspoon and up) becomes a mild narcotic. You can tell if this does is high by whether you feel really heavy and "knocked out" when trying to wake up the next day or if you're taking this decoction during the day then you can feel excessively grounded.  Adjust accordingly.

This decoction is a mild nervine sedative, mild nervine tonic. It is a good sleep aid and helps to keep the circulation toasty. Additionally, as a tonic it helps to lubricate the membranes and surfaces of skin.