This package contains 6 sessions, completing a full rounded initial program. 

* Initial Consultation that is generally 90-120 minutes

* A one hour private yoga session

* A 1.5-2 hour (depending on recipes) cooking session with specific recipes designed for your constitution (ingredients not included)

* An approximate 1.5-2 hour Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) with Sauna treatment

* A Marma Therapy Session (Ayurvedic Pressure Point), approximately 50 minutes.

* A Shirodhara Session, approximately 50 minutes

Note: For specific treatment details see under SESSIONS

This is spread out being two treatments a month, for three months, at a total of $695.00 (normally $805.00)

***Continuity of care is essential, especially in the beginning, in order to increase the chances for a successful outcome. 



This package is specifically designed for new patients where individuals have specific pending issues that require an unfolding of services that meet where they are at and consists of:

Initial Consultation that is generally 90-120 minutes. This includes a foundation for diet and lifestyle recommendations. 

Five follow-up appointments that are approximately 50 mins. This includes herb recommendations, treatments/sessions such as Marma, Ayurveda Counseling, Pichu, Pichu with Nadi Svedhana, 5 Sense Therapy, Mini-abhyhanga, Chromo Chikitsa, yoga private(s), meditation and pranayam (breathing practices) sessions, and whatever may be necessary based on your unique needs. During each time we revisit diet, herbs, and more as part of the lifestyle suggestions. This whole process is ever unfolding into and as part of your amazing journey. 

This is spread out over three months, two treatments a month, at a total of $600.00 (normally $705.00)

***Continuity of care is essential, especially in the beginning, in order to increase the chances for a successful outcome. 

NOTE: Once the first round of Package B is completed, patients have the opportunity to renew the package at the rate of $570.00.



Alternately, if you're interested in individual sessions outside of the package plans above, the Initial Consultation is generally 90 - 120 minutes at the rate of $155.00. Follow up appointments are approximately 50 minutes at the rate of $110.00. Other rates apply, based on treatments that range from $65.00 - $200.00.


The initial session requires a $50.00 deposit. This secures your appointment slot and is applied to your first session. This is non-refundable, should any cancellations occur due to any circumstance. Click HERE if you have paypal.

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