Below you will find a list of the current classes, workshops and training's that I will be offering.  Additionally, you will find that I am seeing clients in the Glenridge/Montclair area of New Jersey at certain times of the year.


General Workshops Offered (dates to be determined)


Men's Health Series - East Meets West

This is a six-week series designed specifically to address men's health from the perspective of yoga and yogic medicine (Ayurveda) in a forum setting.  The class will be an hour and a half long and will include open discussion, specific asana's, dietary recommendations, breathing, and meditation techniques, along with general guidelines for maintaining good health. Students will come away with the insight that will increase perception and encourage a sense of balance and well-being.


Men's Health Workshop: Taking the first step

Statistically it is shown that men are more at risk than women for diseases ranging from cancers to high blood pressure, strokes and to reproductive issues. This workshop will open a forum for men to learn or better understand health management, prevention of disease and maintenance of optimal whole mind-body health. We will explore Western and Eastern views of health care designed specifically for men and we will discuss practical means of tending to ourselves better.


Understanding and Managing Anxiety According to Ayurveda

Anxiety can be considered a hyper-aroused state of the nervous system which is influenced by various types of stress(ors) and dictates the direction of other potentially health-related issues, affecting mind, body and spirit.  Ayurveda, known as the science of life, is a holistic medical science connected with the yogic tradition and in this workshop we will explore how anxiety can be triggered, how to manage/reduce anxiety, what are some of the underlying root causes, according to Eastern tradition and philosophy.


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) viewed by Eastern Systems of Medicine

ADHD is a commonly diagnosed condition that continues to arise in our modern society.  Living in a culture where everything is fast-paced and over-stimulation is perpetuating this difficulty to maintain focus. This workshop will bridge the gap between the Eastern view and Western idea around this phenomena, more specifically through Ayruveda (the sister science of Yoga) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  We will address possible causes and helpful remedies to take hold of this in order to encourage balance.


Honoring the Age of Wisdom and Experience

Senior years are the times of wisdom, relaxation, reflection of accomplishments and preparation for the remaining time in the body. Ayurveda, which is known as the oldest tradition and science, will shed light upon this period of time and show us how to age gracefully by understanding our inner truth.  We will explore ways  to maintain integrity with our essence and continue on the path with a sense of honor as we reduce unnecessary stresses from the road.


Motherhood: Pre/Present/Post Natal ways to encourage a healthy pregnancy

The period of motherhood is a powerful time for a woman where she connects directly with  the amazing process of recreating life.  This workshop is designed to work with "Mothers-to-be" by providing some essential tools to encourage a healthier baby, healthier you and address possible concerns, issues and fears.  We will discuss some dietary and lifestyle adjustments, along with the psychology that supports such an experience. 


Ayurveda and Yoga for Stress Reduction and Healthy Eating

A 4-week series

Learn to Apply This system of Natural Health Care to Your Own Life 

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to healing that individualizes care according to the constitution of each individual. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and in its literal translation is the "Science of Life." Through this 6-week study of Ayurveda you will experience combined lessons in yoga and Ayurveda which are designed specifically to provide you with tools to reduce holiday stress and eat healthfully. Learn how to apply this complete system of natural health care to your own life. You will gain an understanding of  the basic principles of Ayurveda, and learn how to apply them to  diet  nutrition and asana in your own life and in the lives of family and loved ones. 


Ayurveda Cooking: Seasonally

Healthy eating habits supports optimal health. This workshop will explore some Ayurveda concepts around the usage of spices, weather, psychology and ritual, with their applications to cooking seasonally. Students will gain some insight into understanding the pivotal role of digestion, elimination and overall well-being based on the time-tested art and science of cooking. We will be focused on some  seasonal dishes/beverages that will leave you feeling balanced and happy. I look forward to seeing you. Come join this class and walk away feeling nourished.


Stress Management 

This training is specific for business/corporate organizations that are willing to learn techniques to reduce stress. Some tools provided include proper breathing and other related breathing exercises along with some physical movement designed to alleviate tension and calm the nervous system. 


Ayurveda for Self-Care during cold and flu season: 7 simple home remedies. 

This workshop involves understanding some of the dynamics and remedial measures to resolve common ailments surrounding cold and flu season. We will discuss seven basic remedies to help in alleviating/preventing symptoms.