What a journey it is in this lifetime we have as we move through time and space. We have pleasant and unpleasant adventures in coming to the place where we remember our wholeness by having to accept and integrate of the pieces of ourselves. This is the point. We have so many aspects of ourselves and it's about coming to accept all of them as being aligned with one whole self. There is nothing wrong or broken about us. These thoughts are illusions that keep us from ourselves. An untruth that prevents us from seeing ourselves by perpetuating a cycle of suffering. It's up to us to not really allow ourselves to escape into thoughts that promote suffering. Sometimes we take a step back and notice this and others we are caught up by the veil that blinds us from what's true. What is true us what is real and what is real is what IS right now. When we fall into the trap of "would/could/should or had I done this or if I do that" then we are adding an anvil to our growth and weighing down the heart. When we pass all this by being present with and accepting exactly what is happening right now, because it is what IS real, we can soften into the moment and sink past the edges to a place of calm. We eventually soften into the heart where the mind is now the servant and the thoughts are more under the command of the heart. 

There is nothing or no one out there that can give us what we need. Nothing outside of us that completes us. When we feel alone, one it's a feeling, which is valid to have and two it's just a reminder that we haven't remembered our wholeness and that we feel something outside of us can change that. This is an untruth. We aren't incomplete beings waiting for someone or something to complete us. We are already perfect as we are. All of us and all of the pieces of what we are. Just like there are numerous leaves that make up a tree but not just one leaf deserves attention. At the center of our hearts is the knowing that we are whole and full. We somehow (but that doesn't even really matter) forgot along the way but here we are, learning to remember that all the pieces of who we think we are makes up our wholeness. The gift, of many, in this life is that through others we see our reflection and we have the opportunity to see where we aren't loving ourselves enough and how much we are loving ourselves. Both exist simultaneously. There is no polarity. Only one experience. When we forgive ourselves and permit ourselves to be with what is right now and now let our mind get the best of us by running away with infinite stories we can finally soften from the heart and stop running from ourselves and what is...right now which is whole and plenty and fully loving. This is our "task" and yet the irony is that there's nothing to do. Actually, thinking we have to do anything is just one more thing that distracts us and supports the notion and implication that having to do something will fix something when there's nothing broken. It's exactly what is right now that is all that exists and that's key. Let's not run from ourselves. Let's not hide from ourselves. Let's not do and let's be more with what is. This is where all of who we are is seen as whole. This is what is real..right now.