Sometimes in life we come across someone who we have a special type of connection and that is usually seen and felt on a subtle but deep level. There's a sense of seeing/feeling something remarkable that reflects us as though there's an awareness of such a beautiful kindred connection that stands a part in its own way. Yet, they may not always see it yet. On a soul level there is something there. The soul and heart knows. It's like a faint whisper.


When this happens, it's ok. They may not be ready. It's clearly not time in the moment and it is enough to know what is right now is what's real. They may have to catch up or simply miss out. Though, it's never a loss. Just an experience and a mirror. There's a gift, regardless.


It's not to say that it may not suck but having the feelings that come up around it is quintessential to our growth and we must stay within our own emotions. We have to hold the space for ourselves first and foremost. In doing so, we then hold the space for them/others and see what unfolds. However it may.


Love doesn't expect us to lose ourselves or sacrifice ourselves. Actually, it's quite different than that. When we love, we love fully. Which means that we show up with it first. It doesn't come from the outside do looking for love will only cause us to get more lost inside ourselves. When we remember that we are it then there's no looking. Only receiving gifts that remind us. Love sometimes gives us the gift of also showing us what isn't love so that we can truly experience what love is.


So, when we come across that kindred spirit (whether they know it or are willing to accept that at the forefront of their mind) that is slightly set a part from the average, relish it. Give it space. Love doesn't know time. When things are ready then we are ready. If not, we aren't limited to just this one. Few and far between but they're definitely out there. How do we know this? Because we exist. Love always meets us where we are. It also shows us when we aren't open to it. Notice those tight spots around the heart and breathe into it. Be with it. Be gentle. Be with what comes up. It about us, not them.


Let the light shine. Let the love unwind into a fully open heart. This is our design. Fear keeps us from it. It takes more energy to close a heart than it does to keep it open. Just like it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.


Sacrificing love for fear isn't worth it in the long run. Work though it. I'm worth it. You're worth it. Your heart, our heart will thank you. Your life, our life will reflect it.


Let's get to it! The time is now. We asked for it a long time ago. This is all a part of its unfolding. Life isn't happening to us IT IS happening for us.(Don't forget to say thank you for the opportunities that serve this purpose.)