I’m officially resigned from any interest in any group that professes to be spiritual. From my experience, I’ve found many groups that do things in the name of spirituality have bigger egos and justify it sometimes or don’t see it because if some self-proclaimed but unspoken spiritual authority or hierarchy.

Although this may sound like a blame, it’s more like a perspective from my experience and an assessment of such scenarios.

Everything is spiritual! This includes when people may not be in integrity and honest. This includes that homeless person on the street and that person shooting up heroin. These people aren’t different than that person being vegetarian or that person meditating in a cave in India.

Everyone is doing the best they can. In this moment this is what reality looks like and what is real. Not the stories we tell about it!

Fortunately, the reality is that I’m in my own intimate experience within a Presence within me. And..just because I’m in integrity doesn’t mean I hold or should people to such standards even though there is a part of me that has an idea of expectation, but life is happening through me and circumstances arise as opportunities for me to learn how to let go of expectations

To live and let live, fluidly and freely. This is what I want for me and in wanting it for me I’d like to share this and hold space for others to do the same.

When I’m triggered, and I catch it, I am quicker about going inward and exploring such terrain. Then return with clarity and better communication. AND there are moments I’m not “perfect” at this and fumble. Im human.

I’m not on a pedestal and I’m happy to help others off as well. Sometimes knocking them the fuck down, if I’m guided to or simply because that’s what happens as part of graces unfolding. In essence, it’s all happening the way it is and I’m not really the doer of the doing.

EVERYONE SHITS! We are in a human body and to deny it as we “do” our “spiritual stuff” is to deny a part of us still.

What I feel I’m responsible for is my own being and how I come across to the best of my ability in any given moment. What I’m responsible for is my feelings.

That’s all ok though. It’s a growing process. Live and learn. Be open to being open and be honoring of when I’m closed and be gentle in this place.

Sometimes I can see and sometimes I can not. I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know and I profess humbly and significantly less that I know anything, more so these days.

In fact, I’d rather know less than think I know more and I rather support unity than separation, when I can help it.

Part of our integration process into wholeness is the ability to embrace and own our shadow pieces. When we advertise somehow that we work with the light, and don’t work or admit that there’s a darkness, we are being fake and spiritually bypassing.

There are NO new thoughts and every thought, at some point, for everyone, has been recycled. To proclaim the opposite or deny the opposite is to be fake. (In my opinion, but what do I know.)

I’ve had interactions with people in spiritual groups, yoga studios, holistic hearing groups, and then some. I’ve probably stepped on toes and triggered things in others but ask yourself “if I triggered something in you, did I put that trigger there?” If I did it on purpose, I’m sorry. If I did it accidentally, I’m sorry.

Anyways, then without a word or discussion, “poof” I’m no longer in a group. I use to spin my wheels and see “what did I do wrong?” But I stopped this. I’m willing to see and I’m only capable of seeing what I can see when I can see it. I’m open to the possibilities but no longer get snagged or feel a need for something to validate me.

I can’t learn about what offended you if you don’t communicate that with me. I’m not responsible for figuring it out for you but you can help me understand better.

I’m at peace. I try to be as sensitive as possible. I even invite the opportunity to discuss what may be coming up but when the offer is declined, I know it’s not my work, or at least that part of it.

I admit, I can be challenging and trigger triggers. It happens to all of us. My responsibility is to take responsibly for what’s mine. I apologize in the name of being sovereign and not because there’s a right or wrong to stomp my feet about.

Bygones are bygones, as water is under the bridge. I recognize that even when communication is denied that I have me and can only be true to myself, and speak to what my truth is, even if I don’t satisfy the definition of that others has an expectation of how that should look.

I continue to make effort in holding the same space for others. I’m open to constructive criticism as long as it’s from a loving and clear place and not a blaming space.

So, if you invite me to be in a “spiritual group” I may decline because I’m done with any sense of segregation or I may be inclined to accept knowing that it’s transient, and I may be banned for whatever reasons. Knowingly or unknowingly. Lol. I’m sorry/not sorry.

I may accept knowing that there is no separation and that people are still human in all forums. If anything, I feel more conviction and courage in helping dissolve such confinement’s, especially those in the name of spirituality. Lol

With love and Namaste. 🙏🏼🤗😜