My work is an integration of old and new paradigms and not only an exploration of but an evolving into the sacred masculine. 

The sacred masculine is more complex and can not be limited by general psychological models. Modern psychology still falls short because it is still a system not fully integrated but a work in progress. Some things just can't be taught by books. It's a combination of various things including a direct link to a deeply rooted understanding of what the sacred masculine is that involves the exploration and integration of consciousness. Not everyone is called. Not everyone that calls listens or is ready. Not everyone hears. It's not a huge group. But, I will say that the first level is the development around being more conscious. It's part of the awakening process.

Additionally, a more integrated form of sacred masculine isn't limited to understanding the psychology of a man. It also includes knowing the heart of a man. It includes an intimacy that can invite cuddling and body contact and a deeper level of being with one another, when the moment arises, intertwined and exploring sacred sexuality. A man knowing himself fully, deeply and freely. Has nothing to do with "gay or straight" and that's why I appreciate the new found definition of "Queer." It's quite beautiful to witness and be a part of this experience from a much deeper perspective. Otherwise, the development can only go so far and still shows signs of fear and societally based restrictions.

Yes, "It's all spiritual" and the path to awakening for men and women is a spiritual path in and of itself because there isn't anything that isn't spiritual. But when we speak of the sacred masculine that is much more than a new-age concept. The sacredness comes from more integration and awakening into the power of the masculine that involves the balance of the feminine in a man. Its the Shiva and Shakti spiraling together like the dance of yin/yang. It's a full integration. It's joy within enJOYment. It's all spiritual but the sacredness within this incorporates a refined experience that beckons and summons the more evolved aspects of consciousness which is a clarity of inner vision and the hearts freedom to explore terrain that awaits us and provides us with treasures sublime. Being rooted in the sacred masculine is when the pieces of a man, body, mind, heart and spirit are united and freedom of expression is a simple pleasure. It's freedom from societal dictation and has a more direct connection to the divine which isn't attached to labels. The heart knows no such thing. It's the folly of the mind to create stories around it which are still limitations. It's beyond words and is a feeling place. Freedom. The boy and man are one. The armor is gone and the old saying "the child is father to the man" becomes true. Little boys, that aren't tainted by limited belief systems imposed upon by the father or make figures surrounding him, are free to play with one another and aren't attached to limited belief systems. They just play and have fun. Somewhere along the line boys develop a more narrow vision and become stuck in a box. Then, crystallized patterns develop and the man is saying "I would never be so close with another guy." Yet, on a more honest level it is craved. What I see amongst more gay men than straight is that they/we play still in other ways and more freely. There's more joy in sexuality. There's more connection outside of the bedroom. I'm not saying all me should be gay. Gay is a bit different from a man being free in his sexuality like a little boy is free in playing without preset definitions of who he should play with and how. Should he choose to play with dolls and wear moms heels, this has nothing to do with gay. Furthermore, there's a freedom that comes from the heart and extends itself when it's no longer trapped by the limitations of the mind. Guys can cuddle, and fall asleep together, with or without the sexual expression, and be fully embodied and comfortable. There's something profoundly beautiful when two men are intertwined (close in or off). We are all one in the dark and we are all one heart in the face of the divine. There's no masculine or feminine. It just is what is, in the face of the divine.