Cardiology is a specialty within allopathic medicine that specializes in the biomechanics of the heart. To truly become a master of the heart we ought to dive into the mystery of the heart that reveals itself to us not solely through understanding the mechanics but truly through the heart language. 

"Lub Dub" are the sounds which the heart makes. Lub relates to the exhale and Dub corresponds with inhale. Inhalation is the "yes" and exhalation is the "no." The heart is the heart of the matter; the matter being the configuration of cosmic dust that makes us up. Without the heart the body can not exist. All organs and systems are rooted in the heart. The inner child to us all dwells at the center. The heart is that which possesses the true wisdom of knowing cosmic consciousness and that which we can rely upon as the navigational system for our lives. It is with the heart that we can absolutely feel joy, passion, outwardly expressed creativity, affection and happiness. 

Amongst all the languages of the world the one common tongue is rooted in the heart and called Heart Language. Regardless of creed, color, gender, with and without sharpened senses we all connect through the heart beat. All species possess an inherent pulse that stems from the heart. It's crucial to understand our own hearts and in doing so we can hold the space for all individuals. Those of us with armor based on the hardening experiences through time and space can soften when we meet a heart that can lovingly help us to disarm ourselves. It takes so much energy to contain the weight of this armor that produces tension and friction in our own being. This is the path that ages us faster by depleting us on various levels. When we come from the heart we are at our own centers in the universe that is formed into a river of love. 

The journey of learning this heart language is crucial for our well being. It's easy to harden up but it isn't our true nature. When love starts to dissolve the hardened walls of historic wounds we experience a rebirthing and rejuvenation of sorts that extends itself to the very fibers of light behind our tissues and genetic structures. We connect to each other more deeply and profoundly when we can leave our shields at the door. Reactions that would normally be reactions from these wounded places can transmute into a genuine sweet and palatable experience. 

As this time of year envelops us, it is commonly a pivoting point where emotions find their peak and then plummet post holiday season. Such a rise and fall like the inhale giving way to the exhale. Simultaneously, we enter into the darkest time of year only to propel us in a direction back towards increasing light. It's like going into the darkness and discovering the light. The combination of both the holiday season and the transitioning through the darkness tends to spark so many different types of emotions. Know that this is just a cycle of life and nature playing their own roles and let's try not to get caught up too much by such vacillation. Emotions are triggered and heightened and the heart strings will be strung in a way that we can choose what sort of love song it will become, based on the awareness we have in the moment. (Don't worry. If we miss the chance, we will always be given another.)

Like going into the density of heavy emotions that return to love, love is the container that holds the space for anything that isn't love to transform itself. Awareness of such things gives us the opportunity to be mindful of our own stuff and to excavate within our hearts anything that doesn't serve us or function for us, as we explore what this really means for us. 

The language of the heart, like any language, takes time to master. It requires attentiveness. Diligence. Perseverance and openness. Within this we shall find humanity because humility is part of humanity and that which connects us to our humanness, over and over, until we are fully integrated and embodied. It is our responsibility to drop into ourselves versus spending so much time avoiding ourselves. We can only hold this mask and armor for so long until the inevitable becomes prevalent and reveals itself. So many distractions we find ourselves engaged with to only eventually return back to the point of origin which is heart based centered-ness. 

I know I was born from love before even taking form. Something got lost in translation during my childhood and I learned how to be unloving, jealous, judgmental, angry, violent and hateful, which caused me to shut down parts of me as a result of protection through defensiveness; only to finally find my way back to love and to share this with others and appreciate both strength and fragility through vulnerability. Love always finds its way like light eventually shines through darkness. I invite you to join me on this journey to cultivating and learning the Heart Language. May we continue to be guided through these versions of opportunities that fosters the growth needed to encourage the hearts expansion. 

With fear may we return to love. From outward may we return inward to and discover the treasures that await us. May you receive this message from my heart to yours.