The language of the heart is deep and profound. When we connect heart to heart the mind inevitably melts and becomes seen for what it is. There is a space we enter when we are in the heart that the rest of the world is perceived through a different pair of lens. Not one that is filtered by fear but by the warmest gentlest flame of divine energy. A calmness and stillness rests here that reminds us that all is what is and we can find comfort in this awareness that the observer beholds.

I am humbled and honored in sharing my journey and holding the space for others to transform, as the space has been held for me to unfold. The heart space is the foundation where when we are rooted we can find nurturing and the capacity to explore the density that surrounds the heart, existing from wounds of the past. When we surrender to the heart the wounds melt and future is paved differently but from the here on out. When we surrender deeper to the heart the future and past dissolve and we are left with the magnitude of what is here for us in this moment. 

This weekend, I've reflected on how many beings have come to me with the wounds they carry on their shoulders and by simply striking the cord of the heart grace has guided actions such as words to support an opening to the ray of light that life lends to us; that we are a part of. When we are in suffering it is because we forget that we are part of life and we buy into the notion that life is happening to us. This creates a resistance and friction that the heart knows doesn't serve it. 

I've had men in their 70's who haven't had a connection to their heart in decades begin to melt as the first few tears are shed, mothers who have lost their mothers and lovers; revelations of suppressed abuses and deprivation surprise these great beings and their grasp of the heart so the heart can beat more freely. Through this vessel of Vishnu grace has worked its way through in a way that encourages the release of emotional bondage. I know this process to be true for myself and the great souls I've crossed paths with that have cited me back to my own heart and to excavate through untruth as the light of truth shines again. 

With the heart language, it is our responsibility to ourselves and our heart to explore the deeper crevices and overturn the soil removing weeds that are parasitically invasive and which  provoke suppression, so that we can breathe more freely and be in our being versus caught up by the chaotic nature of the mind that attempts to take us further from ourselves. 

I am honored when individuals come and somehow magically start releasing the plates of armor and discharging the heavy emotions so the hearts can expand. We don't use the mind to heal the heart, we use the heart to heal the heart. 

It's amazing to me to feel in my own journey how with heartache and break that the heart is truly strong enough to handle it as it rebuilds itself over and over again because it has the capacity to do so. What a divine gift that love created. The heart is strong enough to hold it all because love is that strong that it holds all the pieces and sees how they make wholeness. 

How is your heart today? What would you like to share with me? PM if you'd like to share more privately. I honor and respect all of you and your journey.