The child and child-like innocence lives in the heart and the discerning adult lives in thoughts and mind. As we progress through childhood our thoughts and feelings shape and are influenced by our surroundings. Our internal world is molding to match and understand the external world. We are born with certain predispositions, tendencies and ideas which are cultivated one way or another as we go through the phases of life. 

As boys, we explore in various ways this reality called life. Along the way we incur circumstances that support or inhibit our growth but, make no mistake about it, we must all grow up sometime. It is an ideal but not impossible goal to be integrated adult males which means being whole in our being where both our heart and mind are working together in harmony. So often is the case that because of wounding and traumas, especially childhood related incidences, we gain shadow pieces that hide in our subconsciousness and we become children wearing adult suits. I know because I was one of them for a long time and it took me many years with a great amount of support to help me to return to who I was before the wounding in this lifetime. I had forgotten who I was before the trauma-drama, but currently and for several years now that me before everything is coming back. Not only was I to heal such scars from this journey but also all the lives that have preceded this one. When we heal our wounds and face our shadows we are doing it for various levels which includes this lifetime and all the ones prior to this one. Not only that, but we are doing it for the collective consciousness. As I continue to dive in and address the remaining shadows and resolve old wounds I am supporting the planet in shifting globally and inviting others, especially men since I'm representing an aspect of the masculine energy on this planet, to show up and change. 

It's time to reduce the excess testosterone and welcome more estrogen. The majority of devastation in this planet has been a result of generational, ancestral and lineages of wounds that have been culminating and passing forward. The patriarchal energy is out of balance and it is only through the invitation and integration of the matriarchal, the feminine, energy that we can bring balance. It first starts with home and within this body and mind. Then, it can ripple others and affect the grater change that we are looking for. If we are truly looking for change, we must go inward. If we are truly looking for love, we must go inward. If we are truly looking to create peace and balance, we must go inward. This is where the journey starts and be seeing through our lens what is happening on the planet and in current times gives us the opportunity to use this as a mirrors that invokes the highest healing by seeing what aspect of ourselves is in conflict. This basic conflict starts with the idea that we are separate from one another and the separation of masculine and feminine is the next level where the wounding occurs. Only by integrating the masculine and feminine can we obtain balance. Only by removing oppression of the feminine energy can we reinstate true order. The feminine goddess energy is powerful beyond imagination and therein lies the threat upon masculinity which creates war in the name of man. The solution is to go into the fear and see why the feminine is so threatening. When we go there we will discover there was nothing to fear. 

I'm inviting men to show up to a profound level of healing that can absolutely shift the consciousness on this planet and help make a longer lasting change. Little boys in armored shells called adult men is what I see so much of these days. (Actually, I see this in women as well. I see their inner little girls in adult suits called women.) Acting out roles, that's the key word which is "acting", playing grown up and disconnected from themselves. These disconnects show up as health conditions and this is a calling that most don't respond to until things have gotten worse. It's so common that men wait until something finally breaks before they/we address it. It is up to us to really look at our stuff. Own it. Name it. Face it. Transmute it. We have had our own suppression/oppression where simply the feminine was lacking. Many men were taught not to express emotions, though emotions are a part of being human. Many men were taught to "suck it up" and "be a man" which means to harden but that little boy should not harden; only to become a hardened adult. Emotions are more if feminine quality by nature and even here it makes sense why men perpetuated oppression of emotions but we have narrowed our vision from seeing that this prolongs the damage done to the genuine because both masculine and remind reside in all of us. Body tissues that harden represent tissue that lack in circulation, oxygenation, blood flow and life flow. The tissue must be relaxed and hardened only when necessary; much like a penis. Yet, and on that note, men operate from their penis more, so often, but disconnect from the heart. Mind and penis are connected but what is forgotten and oppressed is that so is the heart. When we integrate love in its purest form an orgasm on the highest level possible can be achieved (without even having to touch the penis.). Imagine that fellas? (I bet you can't but some part of you knows that this is true. If you don't think about it too hard.) We are looking for love in all the wrong places. It's inside of us and not somewhere out there. This integration process is the true tantra that we are seeking.  We reduce such practices to ejaculatory superficiality when in face we can reach a higher plain without such mundane practices. (Not that ejaculating is a bad thing but more like there is a potent seed potential in the seed that hasn't been cultivated or harnessed fully, yet.)

As an integrating man I have arrived at a place where my heart, mind and body, along with my inner child and adult life are functionally working together. I'm still working out some kinks but the ride is becoming smoother as I become more whole. It is through exploring the darkness that I have been able to shine brighter. It is through viewing and experiencing a lack of love that I am learning to love more fully and easily. It is through embracing my child and his wounds and reminding him that he was whole and perfect, that I can be a truly present and grounded adult in this life so I can support others on their path by reminding them of the potential that exists within each and every one of us. 

It has become clear because of the amount of self-inquiry that I do; the healing that I do, that one of my main missions on this planet is to be a bridge for both women and men. For women, being a safe male I can help them to see the possibility of a male that isn't oppressing or violent but one that is embracing of the feminine and encouraging women to come back into their own power. For men, I'm providing a loving space that challenges them on a deeper level to go deeper and to face the wounds so that violence can reduce and the integration of the feminine can happen. Let's feel again. Let's feel into it, the it being us and that part of us being our hearts. 

A balanced man is a man who can be sensitive, kind, loving, gentle, attentive, accepting, passive as and when need be, compassionate, caring, strong when needed, delicate, gentle, amicable, open minded, light, playful and uses their courage to face internal obstacles that prevent them from being whole. Vulnerability is a strength and it takes more courage than hardening up and trying to be tough. This act is simply a mask that represents guarded untapped emotions today will eat us up from the inside like a cancer because unexpressed anger is like a cancer and when we are somehow buying into emotional oppression we are cutting off our lifelines because not expressing from the heart is like holding our breath and suffocating. Our deeper cellular intelligence desires life and when we aren't living fully and integrated we are deprived. This is an untruth and our soul and essence knows what's true for us. We just have to cross the bridge to get there but the only way to get there is by being here now and noticing what's coming up. Look at the armor and begin its dissolution with love and compassion. One step at a time. One baby step at a time. We are worth this journey and effort. Our lives are worth it. The planet depends on it. Tyranny of the masculine must come to an end. If not, we will come to an end. The only way to survive and thrive us to align ourselves with the feminine again and re-establish our connection with the mother by healing related wounds. 

The earth represents the feminine and all this fighting and blood shed is polluting the entire atmosphere. The planet will survive long past us and recover just fine because the mother is that powerful, but we don't have to lose ourselves in the process and we can live more integrated as we address the matters of our own hearts and take responsibility for ourselves. By doing our own parts we can all make a difference that serves human kind. 

So, I'm asking my kin; my fellow man to begin disarming these hardened shells by having the courage to soften and transform the shadows and wounds into lightness and love. Let's look at our inner little boys and help him to feel safe and loved in the world. Then we can all play together. I'm asking the boys out there to hear my call and join this journey to deeper healing with me. Our lives depend on it. Isn't that worth it?

Love holds the space that makes transformation possible by inviting love to show up. Sometimes this means that love will show us what love isn't so that love can show us what it really is. Love is patient and awaits us in any given moment. All we have to do is slow down. Sink in and let it take us; sometimes by taking away what isn't love. 

What say you? Will you come play with me? Will you show me yours and I'll show you mine? (My heart)