It always amazes me when clients and new clients prolong their involvement with Ayurveda. I know how phenomenal and life changing Ayurveda is but some people just decide to not make the necessary changes and prefer to deal with the health issues that they come in with, to begin with, versus take the leap and let go of old habits that have contributed to their ill health. They don't see that they can obtain the desired results that they long for, and thensome, that awaits their committing to as they willing let go of fear.

I reluctantly agree with backing out and "seeing if they're ready" by taking a step from Ayurveda, but from my perspective it's like witnessing a patient prolong their suffering and health issues. I'm reluctant because they have to run the new information through they're pre-existing mental filters, that are on guard with fear of change, and then decide from there. What they don't see is that their own filters are clogged and will bias their decision from a standpoint that isn't true or optimal.

The other piece that they don't realize is that Ayurveda is the Science of Light, which is about consciousness, and that Ayurveda will shine its flashlight on those places in our lives, our diet and daily practices that aren't in our highest good and in the biggest picture. Some people aren't ready for truth or for this light. With this, they just karmically endure as they have been and stay in the density of denial and darkness, whereas, Ayurveda brings our lives back to us by shining the light on our health.

I say take the your time in deciding whether Ayurveda is "right" for you but as you're deciding know that your imbalanced mind and health conditions will only deepen into pathology, quicker than you know it. This isn't about fear but a reality. People are suffering and Ayurveda is a natural healthcare/sick care system that brings our lives back to us through our health, every day. It's that simple.

Ayurveda works. It's not always easy, especially at first but it's definitely by far worth the investment. The investment isn't fundamentally in Ayurveda but in yourself. Would you attach a dollar amount to your health? Especially if you're already afflicted by health issues? For me, the answer is easily no. Health is wealth, says Ayurveda. I'm worth it. I've invested 13 years into it and will never deviate from it. I've wealth with various health issues and chronic illness with Ayurveda and Yoga at my side. I live it and sweat by it until my last breath. Ayurveda has withstood the test of time. It was hers before me and will be here long after me.

Take your time in deciding if you "can handle it" (while disease awaits you). Ayurveda will see you in the next life. There's nothing else like Ayurveda and Ayurveda says the same about us.