I wrote this piece to an ex-boyfriend of mine. I could see his inner little boy and the potential of the man he could become one day. I realize that this can apply to many of us, maybe even women, if we change the he to she in the context of the writing. Check it out.




There is the man that I see within you.

He hides beneath the sweetness of your smile.

He covertly lies latent to the gentle boy in you.


This man is strong and yet sensitive.

He is wise and yet innocent.

He is mature and yet playful.


This man is austere and yet elaborate.

He is charismatic and charming.

He is delicate and caring.


This man awaits you from within to rise in the world for others to see.

He has a great deal to offer to the world.

He has a position of power but with grace he expresses it.


This man is not here by accident.

He is responsible with himself first and then with the world.

He encourages others journey as he puts into practice not only with the talk but walks the talk.


This man is independent and stands on his own two feet with open arms.

He is intelligent and yet simple-minded.

He has a greatness that the world is thirsty for.


This man houses a boy who is fragile and unknowing of the world itself.

He has a confidence that exudes through his pores and inspires others to be their best.

He is a model of integrated perfect imperfections.


This man is eager to transcend the weight of his past.

He wears his wounds with honor.

He continues to transform his wounds.


This man deeply desires to be free and exists within integrity.

He is deserving of love.

He deserves the best in life.


This man no longer wishes to hide himself from himself.

He allows himself to feel.

He allows himself to share his thoughts.


This man is non-judgmental and open-minded.

He is unassuming and fair.

He knows his boundaries and honors them, even when no is no and yes is yes.


This man can stand upright and tall.

He can stand up for himself and not be manipulated or controlled.

He doesn't support being a slave to his fears.


This man is dedicated to love.

He is dedicated to his lover and he shows great honor.

He is captivating and adored.


This man is loved by many.

He is desired by lovers and sought after as a magnificent treasure.

His eyes sparkle from a cosmic play like stars shining in a clear dark night.


This man is radiant like the daytime sun on a warm spring morning.

He is eloquent and precise in his words.

His actions affirm his hearts desire.


This man is balanced with his child.

He is loyal and forgiving.

He is giving and ignited.


This man knows when to extend his hand.

He also knows when he should take one.

He is stern when he needs to be and flexible as necessary.


This man serves himself from a loving place.

He shares this beauty with others.

He is calm, cool and collect.


This man is a bearer of light.

He helps to dispel darkness.

He is protective, protecting and protected.


This man is passionate about life.

He appreciates the simple treasures, pleasures and beauty.

He sees the world from a perspective that is universal and kind.


This man is admired.

He is a perfect balance of lover and friend.

He is attentive, mindful and aware.