ENERGY DRINKS, An Ayurvedic and Yogic Perspective: What the heck are we thinking? (Or, are we, can we?)


It amazes me to know how such drinks still exist on the market today, in spite of the compounding science and clinical data that supports how toxic these drinks are on our health. Over my many years of Ayuvedic clinical practice I have had the pleasure of undoing the damage done on the mind, brain and body from indulging in such toxic beverages. My patients are grateful and healthier than ever and can rely on their own energy reserve that the body provides when we create the forum and foundation that supports the body to do so. This foundation begins by right diet, sleep, lifestyle and overall mental approach to life. Simply by introducing healthy organic foods, exercises, yoga, breathing techniques and meditation a person can go from night to day in a matter of weeks and notice how amazing the body is at giving them the same energy levels that something like a energy drink superficially and temporarily provides, without the side effects and long term damage. The energy potential in our bodies is vast, when we've tapped into the reservoir of limitless energy that awaits us. We simply have to tune in and give ourselves the opportunity to do so. It amazes me when I see people/teachers in the physical training field eating supposed good foods but then mixing it up or filling in the gap with energy drinks. This is an oxymoron from the Ayurvedic perspective because we cannot be indulging in such destructive behaviors that counteract the "healthy diet" we engage in. I always encourage, based on my opinion, my patients/student that if they see their gym representative/physical trainer/yoga teacher or other healthcare provider taking these beverages in or other habits that don't seem to support the message they are trying to convey as a messenger, to choose wisely and look for another option because they are not living the talk. In sharing this it is only an intention to re-educate, remember and remind us of what is already understood on a deeper level. I understand that we are all children learning how to reconnect to this deep wisdom and must find our own way, with the right guidance being our feeling of good health.


Here's a SHORT list of what are some consequences of energy drink intake:
1-stresses adrenals and depletes them
2-affects the nervous system and causes hyper arousal, eventually leading to deterioration
3-stresses the pancreas and negatively affects the proper functioning of insulin
4-leaches minerals and nutrients from bone, later causing weakness and deterioration
5-increases testosterone as these drinks affect the pituitary gland which is the master gland and hormonal system of the body
6-increases tendencies and symptoms of short attention span
7-can ironically cause depression because of the "crash" associated with coming down
8-is addictive and habit forming because the body requires you give more of it to maintain levels of energy so you can function
9-dehydrates you so you rob your cell of nutrients 
10-can increase sex drive (but causes long term damage to the gonads as this is part of the hormonal system previously mentioned), later leading to ED (erectile dysfunction)
11-increases acidity in the body (and we all know, even from general chemistry class) by promoting acidity in the body and helping to develop or feed into inflammation
12-can support the grown of candidiasis (which is an over growth of natural fungus in the body) which leads towards yeast infections and other complications


Furthermore, within the body's natural intelligence it shouldn't even need to see this list or these numerous studies to convince it that artificial means of boosting the body's energy isn't the way to go. The deeper and inner wisdom within the body already says "no way" and "I can do better, naturally" then says "give me what I need, which is love, attention, good exercise, good water, breathing techniques, good food, good air and good impressions to support the mind and I'll give you back ten-fold". It is ideal to continue to listen to this inner wisdom because it will not steer us wrong. If we have deviated from the ability to check in and see what the body wants then we can choose wisely and pick a practitioner who can guide us as we observe them to be the model standing within integrity. 

Back to basics is the way to go with health and well-being, there's no short-cuts or quick ways to it. This is what Ayurveda continues to show us and this is what consciousness looks like. The first "rule or code of conduct" in yoga is called AHIMSA, which means non-violence. When we present the body with negative thoughts,  allow the negative thoughts to pervade, or subject the body to harm we are causing violence which affects us on a deeper and cellular genetic level. Energy drinks are a form of violence on the body because there is no gentleness to them. They're meant to override the body and suppress what is inherently and naturally within the body’s already designed capacity of infinite energy. This is a subtle manifestation of harm upon the body and mind. Why give yourself something artificial when you can support your body in doing what it can do naturally? If we're playing our cards optimally then these drinks can be a thing of the past that invites in a more positive future in our health. Do yourself and your body a favor and turn the cheek when you see an energy drink. Your whole being will thank you, now and in the long run.

Please know that there is no judgment on this topic only an intention to re-educate, remember and remind us of what is already understood on a deeper level. It is my duty as a practitioner and clinician to present information that will help guide others in a more optimal direction into health and well-being.  Ayurveda gives your life back to you. Just invest in it and your outcome will be abundant! Om Shanti!


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