Kapalabhati (known as rapid diaphragmatic breath or "shiny forehead") stokes the fire of the belly and supports oxygenation and circulation of the blood and abdominal organs. 

This breathing technique is essential for stimulating the power of the digestive fire and eng aging the lymphatic system of the belly and torso.

How to:

1) With eyes closed take a deep full breath from the belly up and then exhale.

2) Take similar deep breath but only go half way from the belly up and on then the exhale is a profound pulling of the naval towards the spine.

3) Repeat this action anywhere from 27 to 108 times. If you're a beginner, start out slow so that you can properly coordinate the belly muscles and breath together, then make your way up to the higher repetitions. 

4) Do three rounds of whatever number you choose. Stick with the number that feels right for your body and after a few weeks you can graduate up. I like to start some of my patients at 3 rounds of 27 and then increase after a few weeks to 3 rounds of 54 and then eventually 3 rounds of 108.

5) In between each round you can pause, take a breath, gently retain it for 7-12 seconds and then release.

Note: If you suffer from hypertension, hypotension, other cardiovascular issues, headaches, migraines, eye issues, glucose related issues please consult with your physician and/or other holistic healthcare provider.