Utkatasan (ut-ka-ta-sa-na) means powerful and fierce, is the yogic sanskrit word for 'Chair Pose'

This is a very powerful pose that is designed to strengthen the digestive fire, diaphragm, digestive organs, heart and increase circulation. It works on the core and then some.

It is a dynamic pose that can be done slowly or quicker for maximum potential.

How to:

1) Stand in an upright position with you feet hips width or slightly wider than hips width apart.

2) On the inhale extend the arms up, with palms facing each other and shoulders down.

3) On the exhale begin to squat as though you were going to sit on a chair, coming down as far as comfortable (maybe a little past your discomfort level). If you're experiencing pain, then you've gone too far.

4) As you're in the squat ensure that your spine is a lifted out of the hips and straight as possible.

5) Inhale and straighten the legs, lift the arms up.

6) Exhale and bring the arms down to your sides OR for more intensity return back to the squat.

Practice this for around 5 minutes. Notice what you notice, including an increase in heat in the body and a sense of strength.

Note: If you're unfamiliar with this pose, start out slowly until you work out the mechanics and coordination of the breath. Then you can pick up the pace as it becomes more fluid.


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