This pose is great for a reasons. One of which is because it relates to expanding the heart more.


There are a few variations so consider your limitations (if any).

1. Come on to your knees and maintain a straight spine

2. Here's where variations are considered. You can either curl your toes under and continue or your feet can be flat, based on your flexibility. Toes curled is a little more advanced. Take your right arm up towards the sky on the inhale and place it on the right lower back with the palm down. Inhale the left arm up and then place it palm down on the left lower back.

Note: If for some reason being on your knees is uncomfortable, you can stand instead and inhale the right arm up towards the sky and exhale it towards the lower back with the palm flat on the right lower back. Inhale the left arm up and exhale placing the palm on the left lower back. Both palms are in a sense supporting the lower back/lumbar spine. You can also interlace the fingers behind you and extend the arms towards the floor, if you wanted to have another variation.

3. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale slightly arch the spine back to where it's comfortable/uncomfortable (sthira and sukham).

4. Additionally, if you don't have any neck issues take a deep breath in and on the exhale slowly release the chin up as the back of the head arches backward.

5. Take a few breaths here as you tune into the heart area expanding. Breathe into the heart area and let the body settle in. 

6. When you feel ready and would like to come out of the pose use the breaths similarly to how you entered into the pose.

7. Counter pose is a simple forward fold, for decompression. A restorative pose to soften any tension accrued from lower back compression.

This information is strictly for educational purpose only and not considered medical advice. Always first discuss with your primary care physician before considering any new health regimen.