Malasana is a great pose to practice for the ungrounded qualities of the Fall and Winter Season when Vata is predominant and we experience dryness and coldness. It also helps to regulate digestion and colon functioning.

This pose is engaging and generally simple to do.

1) Begin from a standing positing with your arms at your side.

2) Separate the legs comfortably apart, usually at least slightly past hips width distance.

3) Take a deep inhale and raise the arms above your head, with your arms shoulder height and shoulders down and relaxed.

4) Exhale and while exhaling bring the palms in prayer position in front of the heart as you begin bending at the knees as though you were going to take a seat but go as far as you can without losing balance. The elbows end up positioning between the bent knees.

Note: Should you lose balance widen the feet. Sometimes the heels don't always make the ground. That's okay. Do your best. The quadriceps (thigh muscles) are engaged so that the knees aren't collapsing. 

Hold this pose for around a minute. Use the breath to hold the pose more than the muscles.